How US Big Tech supports Israel’s AI-powered genocide and apartheid

Posted by May 12, 2024

Shortly after the October 7 attacks on Israel, Google CEO Sundar Pichai issued a statement on social media, extending sympathy to Israelis without mentioning th

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US cancels export licenses of suppliers to China’s Huawei

Posted by May 8, 2024

Move comes after launch of AI-enabled laptop drew fire from Republican lawmakers.The United States has revoked some licenses that allow companies to ship goods,

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Amazon to invest $9bn in Singapore to expand cloud services

Posted by May 7, 2024

Announcement comes after rival Microsoft last week unveiled major investments in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.Amazon has announced plans to invest $9bn in S

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Israel Shuts Down Al Jazeera Amid Gaza Conflict; News Org…

Posted by May 5, 2024

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government moved to shut down Al Jazeera's activities in Israel

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