The everyday items you never knew contained plastic

Posted by May 4, 2024

This week, the fourth round of treaty talks by the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee on Plastic Pollution concluded in Ottawa, Canada. A major bone of con

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Photos: Hundreds gather on Sydney Beach to mourn Westfield attack…

Posted by April 21, 2024

Hundreds gathered on Sydney’s Bondi Beach on Sunday evening, lighting candles as the sun set, to mourn the six people killed in a knife attack in the area

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‘Obvious’ Sydney mall killer targeted women, Australian police say

Posted by April 15, 2024

New South Wales Police commissioner says videos of the attack ‘speak for themselves’.Australian police have said they believe a man who fatally six stabbed

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Police investigate if killer targeted women in Sydney mall stabbings

Posted by April 14, 2024

Misinformation about the attacker’s identity – as a Muslim or Jewish man – spread widely online before police identified the suspect.Australians are mourn

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Attacker identified in Sydney mall stabbing that killed 6

Posted by April 13, 2024

Australian police say ‘nothing’ to suggest any ‘motivation, ideology’ in Saturday’s fatal attack in Bondi Junction.Australian police have identified a

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At least eight killed in Russian strikes on Ukraine’s Kharkiv

Posted by April 6, 2024

Ukrainian officials say at least 10 others have been injured in the same attacks on the eastern border city.Russian missile strikes on Kharkiv, Ukraine’s seco

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Saving Sarah: The last Jewish embroidery shop in India’s Kochi

Posted by April 6, 2024

Kochi, India - A chance encounter when he was selling postcards to tourists in Jew Town as a 13-year-old in the early 1980s would change the course of Thaha Ibr

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Malaysia store attacked over ‘Allah’ socks

Posted by March 30, 2024

The KK Super Mart chain apologised after photos of the socks on sale caused widespread anger among Muslims.A convenience store chain in Malaysia that triggered

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Retailer and supplier charged over sale of ‘Allah’ socks in…

Posted by March 26, 2024

The socks were found in a store on the outskirts of the capital prompting outrage among Muslims who regard the product as insulting.A Malaysian court has charge

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This Hebron grocer won’t let Israeli shutdowns stop him

Posted by March 7, 2024

Hebron, occupied West Bank – Ishaq Qafisheh steers his wheelchair around the Ibrahimi Mosque, resting his trusty crutch on his shoulder as he rolls along. Tha

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Money, power and the peril of courting Chinese nationalism

Posted by March 2, 2024

In January, a Chinese ultranationalist vlogger – video blogger – came across red circular stickers on the glass doors of a shopping mall in Nanjing featurin

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Photos: Fire rips through Bangladesh shopping centre killing 45

Posted by March 1, 2024

At least 45 people have been killed and dozens of others wounded in a blaze at a six-story shopping mall in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka, officials said on Fri

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