A brief history of the traffic light and why we…

Posted by May 25, 2024

The universally known traffic light has not experienced a significant redesign in almost 100 years, ever since William Pott, a Detroit police officer, created t

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President Raisi’s helicopter crashes in Iran: What we know so…

Posted by May 19, 2024

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has yet to be found, despite conflicting reports that the location where his helicopter went down had been found. But those repo

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China’s Xi Jinping begins first Europe tour in five years…

Posted by May 6, 2024

Chinese President Xi Jinping is on his first trip to Europe in five years, which is likely to be dominated by Russia’s war in Ukraine as well as economic stra

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Thousands protest against over-tourism in Spain’s Canary Islands

Posted by April 20, 2024

Demonstrators say mass tourism is overwhelming the Atlantic archipelago.Tens of thousands of demonstrators have hit the streets of Spain’s Canary Islands to d

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Heavy rains kill 18 in Oman as flash floods lash…

Posted by April 16, 2024

Rescue teams search for two missing people in Oman as bad weather disrupts travel in the United Arab Emirates.Heavy rains and flash floods have swept parts of t

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Pro-Palestinian protesters paralyse roads in US cities over war on…

Posted by April 16, 2024

Demonstrators block highways and shut down travel in Illinois, California, New York and the Pacific Northwest.Pro-Palestinian protesters have blocked major road

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Several countries issue travel warnings over Israel-Iran tensions

Posted by April 12, 2024

Countries including France, India, Russia, Poland and the United Kingdom have warned their citizens against travelling to Israel, the occupied Palestinian terri

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Photos: Tourist numbers up in post-war Afghanistan

Posted by April 2, 2024

His soldier son toured Afghanistan with fighters in his crosshairs, but US traveller Oscar Wells has a different objective – sightseeing promoted by the Talib

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Bulgaria and Romania partially join Europe’s Schengen area

Posted by March 31, 2024

After a 13-year wait, Bulgaria and Romania have partially joined Europe’s Schengen area of free movement. The two countries reached an agreement late last yea

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Malaysia’s airport fee hikes leave bad taste in travellers’ mouths

Posted by March 27, 2024

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Entrepreneur Jehan Abu Bakar is fuming that she will soon have to pay more in airport fees whenever she flies from her home in Malays

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Six still missing after Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse

Posted by March 26, 2024

Six workers are missing and presumed dead following the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in the United States city of Baltimore, as authorities called a

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Malaysia welcomes Chi­nese tourists back in droves af­ter pan­dem­ic slump

Posted by March 22, 2024

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Chinese tourists are returning to Malaysia en masse after the COVID-19 pandemic slump, industry figures say, amid expectations arriva

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