Israel extends Al Jazeera ban by 45 days, cites security…

Posted by June 9, 2024

A ban on Al Jazeera’s operations in Israel was extended for another 45 days by Israel’s telecoms regulator on Sunday after the cabinet agreed its broadcasts

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Yemen’s Houthis detain UN staff, aid workers

Posted by June 7, 2024

UN says it is ‘pursuing all available channels’ to secure the safe release of its personnel ‘as soon as possible’.Yemen’s Houthi group is detaining at

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‘Close connection between Hamas and Al Jazeera,’ court finds

Posted by June 5, 2024

Breadcrumb Trail LinksWorldNewsThe judge pointed to a clip aired on Al Jazeera that he described as a 'briefing for how to damage an Israeli tank,' among other

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War on Gaza, the view from Israel

Posted by June 4, 2024

As the war on Gaza closes in on eight months of violence, support in Israel for the campaign is waning. Columns in The Jerusalem Post speak of compassion fatigu

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