White House slams clips purporting to show Biden’s decline as…

Posted by June 18, 2024

Biden camp hits out at viral videos that have been seized on as evidence of president’s frailty.United States President Joe Biden’s administration has accus

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Philippines, US simulate mock invasions in largest ever war games

Posted by May 9, 2024

Laoag, Philippines – Troops from the United States and the Philippines have launched Javelin missiles and fired howitzers to simulate repelling a maritime inv

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Russia announces nuclear weapon drills after ‘provocative’ Western threats

Posted by May 6, 2024

Military exercises involving tactical nuclear weapons to be held after top European leaders indicated deepening backing for Ukraine.Russia has said it will hold

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Active Clubs: A new far-right threat to democratic elections

Posted by May 2, 2024

Across North America and Europe, the far-right Active Clubs movement is expanding at an unprecedented pace, presenting new threats to democratic elections and m

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