World’s top golfer Scheffler apprehended by police at PGA event…

Posted by May 17, 2024

The world number one was handcuffed by police near to the PGA venue for not following orders after a traffic death.Masters champion Scottie Scheffler was detain

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Israel orders shut down of Al Jazeera in the country,…

Posted by May 5, 2024

(CNN) — Israel shut down

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Campaign events, cheap tickets: Indian parties woo Gulf voters for…

Posted by April 24, 2024

Thiruvananthapuram, India – The hum of conversation was replaced by a crescendo of high-pitched political slogans in the packed auditorium, as Shafi Parambil

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Photos: Mexico, US, Canada mesmerised by rare total solar eclipse

Posted by April 8, 2024

Preparations for a major golf tournament ground to a halt. Schools emptied of students. And thousands of people across North America turned their eyes to the sk

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